Lift Fitness is a private gym, that's right, private.  When you train with us, you are the focus.   As an individual with your personal trainer, or training in a small group  (never more than 6) you are our focus.   You never need to be motivated,  we always are!

   Whether you're boxing, kickboxing, resistance training or cross training, it's always a great workout and a lot of fun. (Ok it's not always fun, but you might love the results).

Personal Training

   The first word in personal training is PERSONAL, your trainer has a plan just for you, specific to your goals, your body and your needs.

      Fat loss techniques we use are based on real anatomy and physiology, not some whacky theory we made up or saw on Dr. Oz

    Your trainer works hard to get the best program to give you a lower resting heart rate, and burn the maximum number of calories without losing any lean mass.  Because we want the muscle to stay and the fat to go!! 

    A plan  will be prepared just for you, using resistance training, boxing, kickboxing, plyometrics, whatever it takes to get you to your goals.