Boxing, muay thai, kickboxing


   Anyone could destress with some wine, or snacks.  Sure, you could. And you feel good in the moment, but you feel like crap later and you're packing on the lb's.

  Boxing is the same instant gratification, but with only positive side effects.  Learn some solid punching techniques, and as you improve, you get to hit the trainer!!  You might get rid of the stress and some unwanted fat! Win win!!!


Want something a little more advanced?   Kickboxing adds flexibility and balance to an already challenging workout.  Great work for your legs, as well as your upper body and core.  And as was mentioned, the fun of hitting stuff.

Muay Thai

  Maybe the most challenging workout we offer.  Punches, kicks, elbows and knees all working in concert, your entire body will be exhausted.  (This can still be adapted to all fitness levels).

    If you are someone who hates cardiovascular training, this is for you. Fun and engaging,  but your heart and lungs are working hard. Plus, it works in short intervals and uses almost every major muscle group, so you won't lose lean mass.